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JessicaPiccropped1Jessica Pappas has launched a variety of careers including fortune cookie stuffer, food and beverage director, hotel manager, production coordinator, screenwriter, bartender, and roller-skating champion.

Presently she is pursuing guitar lessons in hopes of one day becoming a rock star.  Most recently she was certified as a kundalini teacher, and looks forward to teaching in her ever so rare spare time.


JessicaPiccropped1a1Jennifer Wolfe arrived in Los Angeles with $200 in her pocket. Although she never planned to be an actor, she did borrow $75 from her brother a week after her arrival to join a background schedule management company. She spent the money on art supplies instead and painted straw cowboy hats with her roommate to sell at flea markets.

The endeavor was a complete failure when they were cited and fined steeply for selling the hats without a permit on the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Fifteen years later, Jennifer has abandoned her life of art and commerce crime and chosen a more settled life casting extras and making documentary films. She still plans to pay her brother back when she gets that big break.


Baby ElaineElaine Alcala was drawn to a life of crime at an early age, her taste for breaking the law started with ruthlessly removing forbidden mattress tags, putting the toilet paper roll in upside down (so the toilet paper came over the top of the roll), and ditching preschool with her imaginary friend, Regina. Who was responsible for driving the get away car. (she was 3, her mom was cool, and let her drive), often to the sunny vacation spot of San Gabriel, Ca. Her crime spree continued through her adolescence, ending with some hard time in the pokey for outstanding parking tickets (cause she refused to pay attention to the clearly posted signs). She finally realized at the ripe old age of 28, it was time to hang up her crime shoes, and turned herself into the witness protection program. Though she kept her own name, and is still living at the address it shows on her license, her life would be forever changed. As part of her parole, she began to work in the world of extras casting, making dreams come true on a daily basis, gave her a new lease on life, to sit up straight and fly right, to leave the mattress tags be, and put toilet paper rolls in correctly. Though she still doesn't pay attention to parking signs, she considers it her contribution to keeping the city beautiful. She often wonders what happened to Regina, where she could be, so, if you see a 3 year old with crazy curly hair driving a car on set, make sure to tell her hi, from Elaine.


Baby ElaineRowena Roberts: Why so serious in the picture, you ask? Ruffles and Ribbons wreck Rowena's revelry. An avid fan of tongue twisters, dirty limericks, and university level MadLibs, Rowena is also a huge book nerd and sci-fi geek. Her best friends often knock the books out of her hands then step on her glasses as she passes them in the hall. Besties, am I right?! All jokes aside, Rowena has always loved the entertainment business. After graduating theater school, she performed in over 20 stage productions including Little Shop of Horrors, Smokey Joe's Cafe, and Footloose. She was privileged to see the world as she worked at international theme parks like Universal Studios Hollywood, and sailed the high seas while performing on cruise ships. Today, she's enjoying the stability of a steady paycheck and not living out of a suitcase. She feels blessed and so grateful to be a part of the awesome team at the "A-List" as the close knit, family atmosphere makes working there an absolute joy.